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WKU 2012 Human Resource Benefits Manual

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During my time working for WKU Imagewest, I had the opportunity to design the WKU 2012 Benefits Manual for the WKU Human Resources Department. I created the layout for the cover, developed the color palette, selected the typography, and created the illustrations for the book. I was responsible for updating the content and ensuring all files were packaged correctly for printing. This design was a PRSA Nashville 2012 Parthenon Award Recipient.

The theme that year was "The Future of Benefits" and the department wanted a design that was fun, animated, and futuristic. So I imagined what would WKU look like in a futuristic world where some of the old, iconic WKU buildings such as Cherry Hall, PFT, and Guthrie Tower still stand, but the school would add new, modern buildings and students and faculty would fly spaceships to attend class. If you remember the cartoon, The Jetsons, you know exactly what I mean.

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